Orientation Inspires New Members to Get Active


Membership and Marketing Manager Grand Lodge
December 2018: Membership and Marketing continues to strengthen the new Member experience.

We launched the Orientation video and companion recruitment video “Why We Join,” all accessible on DVD, Membership Toolkit, and YouTube. We also launched the new Orientation survey accessible on Membership Toolkit via a printable PDF. The Grand Exalted Ruler’s personalized interactive “E-Greeting” is e-mailed to all new Members. Take the virtual Orientation experience called “My Journey Begins” on the Membership Toolkit. You can also invite your friends and family to join with online invitations and member-ship application.

Our orientation enhancements are in Grand Lodge Membership and Marketing place to help create a new generation of Members that will likely be more active in their Lodges, more educated on the great work we do, and more inspired to recruit friends, family, and co-workers into the Order.

Together we can make our Lodges stronger through the new Orientation program. Find it all on elks.org/ grand-lodge/membership/orientation. cfm

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