Past Officers and Trustees 2017 – 2018

2017 – 2018 Officers and Trustees

Front row left to right: Lisa Marie Meyer, Esteemed Lecturing Knight, Kathy Sharp, Esteemed Leading Knight, Kyle Sharp, Exalted Ruler, Tonya Ott, Esteemed Loyal Knight, Johnnie Flynn, Chaplain. Back row left to right: Chris Cryer, Treasurer, Timothy E. Kelly, Past State President, Tim Richards, PER, Coralee N Tim Barrett, Secretary, Stuart Rishe, PER and Trustee, Valerie Testani, outgoing ER and Esquire, Garth Ryan, PER and Trustee, Robert Messina, Tiler, Brian Dezell, PER and Trustee, Rick Powell, Trustee.

Lodge Officers

Exalted Ruler Kyle Sharp
Leading Knight Kathy Sharp, OOTY
Loyal Knight Tonya Ott
Lecturing Knight Lisa Marie Meyer
Tiler Rob Messina, POOTY
Esquire Valerie Testani, PER
Chaplain Johnnie Flynn
Inner Guard Kevin Madill
Secretary Coralee Barrett
Treasurer Christopher Cryer, POOTY

2017 – 2018 Board of Directors

5 Year Richard Powell, Jr.
4 Year Karen Madill, PEOTY
3 Year Garth Ryan, PER
2 Year Stuart Rishe, PER, POOTY, PDDGER, Past NYS ENF Chair, NYS Business Practices Chair
1 Year Brian Dezell, PER

House Committee

The House Committee meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm and is open to all Lodge members. Please feel free to attend and bring your comments and suggestions for the improvement of our Lodge.

Julie Gleason
Bob Grady
Lisa Meyer
Tim Neuroth
Peggy Payne
Dave Price
Tim Richards
Val Testani

 Bar / Kitchen

Kitchen Manager Jennifer Spriggs
Bar Manager Kevin LeClair
Events Coordinator Jeffra Montroy